Council Meetings

The Parish Council  holds 9 ordinary meetings throughout the year.  In addition the Annual General Meeting of the Council is always held in May and the Annual Parish Meeting is usually held in April.

The Parish Council has also a Planning Committee which will meet when there are planning applications to consider. Details of the meetings of the Parish Council as Trustee of Hunston Village Hall will also be posted here.

In this section you can view dates and agendas for upcoming meetings by clicking on the links below. Please note that all minutes are in draft form until approved by the Council at the subsequent Parish Council or Planning meeting.

16 January 2019Parish Council Meeting Agenda Reports Draft Minutes
25 January 2019Planning CommitteeAgendaDraft Minutes
18 February 2019Neighbourhood Plan Steering GroupAgendaDraft Minutes
20 March 2019Planning CommitteeAgendaMinutes
20 March 2019Parish Council MeetingAgendaReportsMinutes
15 May 2019Parish Council MeetingAgendaReportsMinutes
17 July 2019Parish Council MeetingAgendaReportsMinutes
18 September 2019Parish Council MeetingAgendaReportsMinutes
20 November 2019Parish Council MeetingAgendaReportsMinutes
24 January 2018Parish Council AgendaReports Minutes
2 February 2018Planning Committee
9am start
Agenda Minutes
7 February 2018Trustee Agenda Minutes
21 February 2018Planning CommitteeAgenda Minutes
21 FebruaryParish Council Agenda Minutes
28 March 2018Parish Council Agenda Minutes
25 April 2018Annual Parish MeetingAgenda Minutes
16 May 2018Trustee Meeting Agenda Minutes
23 May 2018Planning MeetingAgendaMinutes
23 May 2018Parish Council Agenda Reports Minutes
15 June 2018Planning CommitteeAgenda Minutes
27 June 2018Planning CommitteeAgenda Minutes
27 June 2018Parish CouncilAgenda Reports Minutes
25 July 2018Planning Committee Agenda Minutes
25 July 2018Parish Council Agenda Reports Minutes
8 August 2018
Extra Parish Council Agenda Draft Minutes
7 September 2018
Planning CommitteeAgendaMinutes
19 September 2018Parish Council Agenda Reports Minutes
2 October 2018Planning CommitteeAgenda Minutes
17 October 2018Planning CommitteeAgenda Minutes
17 October 2018Trustee Agenda Minutes
22 November 2018Parish Council Agenda Reports Draft Minutes
14 December 2018Planning CommitteeAgenda Draft Minutes
14 December 2018Extra Parish CouncilAgenda Draft Minutes

Minutes from previous years meetings can be found in the Archive Minutes tab at the bottom of this page.

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